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  • 广西金秀盘王谷旅游度假区



    2013 中国旅游特色主题酒店TOP10



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    建筑面积?6408 ?/p>


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    3、规划设? 建筑设计/ 景观设计



    During the design phase of the project, the design team frequently traveled between the project land and Shenzhen City. Great contrast of the natural and urban environment enables architects to understand the project environment from the point of view of a bystander. Architects wished to find cultural and historical roots and then explained them in modern design. This kind of combination of ethic characteristics and modern design concept has long been explored by architects.

    Through the use of local culture, local elements, local materials and local craftsmanship, the design demonstrated the uniqueness of the building.Meanwhile, to adjust measures to local conditions, rich regional design are made to reduce project cost and time to build. In addition, regional design significantly reduces operating costs and maintenance costs for its climate adaptability.

    The project is located in Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi with picturesque scenery and profound deposits as if a fictitious land of peace and a fairyland on earth.The ancient and mysterious folk customs deposit the cultural essence of this precious land. The project sets the culture of Yao Nationality as the theme and consists of Phase I five-star hotel and Phase II apartment and noble villa community. The facade of the building adopts the new local style and is combined with the interior decoration for the integral design. The project is fashionable and rich in deposit and fully reflects the value system of “the national is international” by refining the local culture, building and life elements and expressing them by modern skills and local materials.The four single buildings are explicitly divided in accordance with the functions and connected by the corridors. They form complete and diversified flow lines through battery truck flow lines. The arrangement of Phase II buildings makes the integral planning space represent rich and natural vacation phenomenon. The compact courtyard style enclosed residence, the stretching line style air villas and the wellproportioned as well as the special treatment of architecture style in open space of the community endow the community with natural ecological and layer sense in different interfaces. The design emphasizes the privacy and tries to avoid the view and traffic interference to create a leisurely vacation environment in the premise of fully obtaining fine landscape view.

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